The site for the competition from the Watsons company

    • Category Website
    • Date 18 august 2016
    • Technologies HTML5, PHP, jQuery, CSS3, Laravel, Javascript
    • Client The Moon Agency
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    Company Watsons worry about the health of their customers, so they decided to hold a rally #RHYTHMOFLIFE.
    Parties can register through social networks and take part in the action. For participants Watsons Club more extended action.

    Laravel Framework was chosen for implementation. He allowed a very flexible way to implement the project. In addition to static data, the site is very much dynamic, work with photos of participants, work with api of social networks.

    Just on the idea of ​​the customer was to be API Facebook to check signed by the person to Watsons page or not. Our team has done this, but Facebook is forbidden to use the API for this purpose.

    API of social networks that we use:
    1) Authorization
    2) posting on the user page
    3) Fill in a social network photo
    4) checking whether a participant at Watsons page signed
    5) the subscription form on page

    Using the API VK and Facebook have found a lot of bugs for iOS and Android platforms.
    Examples of bugs:
    1) If you have a FaceBook app on Android, it will attempt to intercept the request to the API posting.
    2) On the iOS platform (Chrome Browser) for Facebook Authorization - service gives error "Your browser is not supported."